Joel Magee: A Successful Antique Toy-Buying Show in Southern California

8 Apr

With a long-standing passion for vintage collectibles and toys, Joel Magee serves as Roadshow Manager of the Antique Toy-Buying Show. Traveling nationwide, the FX Toy-Buying Roadshow offers people the chance to have an on-the-spot appraisal and to receive fair-market cash payment for their item, should they choose to sell.

Mr. Magee and his team acquire toys such as classic G.I. Joe dolls, Shirley Temple dolls, Hot Wheels cars, and Barbie dolls, and carefully restore them for sale to collectors. Speaking with the Press-Enterprise (serving Riverside and San Bernardino counties), Mr. Magee said these events draw large crowds on the West Coast. While there are many such toy events on the East Coast, there is a relatively lack of such opportunities for appraisal in other parts of the United States. Southern California shows have been particularly well received, as many former Mattel employees of Mattel plants in El Segundo and Hawthorne from the 1950s to 1970s have attended the events. Collectible test toys were frequently given to employees with children, which many kept through the years.


Joel Magee: Finding Vintage Childhood Toys through the Antique Toy-Buying Show

28 Mar

Joel Magee, Antique Toy-Buying Show Roadshow Manager, seeks out vintage toys from the 1970s and earlier, such as classic DC and Marvel comic books, metal Tonka trucks, Hot Wheels cars, character lunch boxes and thermoses, and Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls.

Mr. Magee describes the traveling collectors’ event as an ideal opportunity to clean out basements and attics and find hidden treasures. He emphasizes that items are purchased at fair market value, with pieces often fetching more at the shows than on eBay. In addition, sellers avoid the hassle of setting up an eBay account, taking photos, shipping out items, and securing payment. Admission to events is free, and even items not in mint condition are acceptable. Value for items does vary according to scarcity and condition, as well as the availability of the original box. For example, a 1959 #1 Ponytail Barbie doll can be worth as much as $2,000 in its original packaging. In certain cases, Mr. Magee will pay a premium for the packaging alone.

Joel Magee’s Feature in The Desert Sun

27 Mar

Joel Magee was featured in Palm Springs’s The Desert Sun. View the article here

Joel Magee Desert Sun Joel Magee Desert Sun2

A Few Words With the Antique Toy Buying Show’s Joel Magee (Part 2 of 2)

10 Feb

In the first part of our interview with Joel Magee, we talked about how he got his start in the collectibles business and what helps the Antique Toy Buying Show stand out. Here is the final part..

Q: Can you talk a little about the kinds of things you look for at the Show?

A: We’re always after valuable old toys and memorabilia. We buy everything from Lionel trains to Radio Flyers to cap guns to dolls and merchandise.

Q: Do you sell items directly to consumers, or just to your network of collectors and distributors?

A: We operate an eBay store, FXTOYS, through which we sell merchandise straight to consumers.

Q: Is there anything on that store site you would particularly like to highlight today?

A: Sure! We’ve got a lot of old toy cars from Red Line, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels right now, as well as some original James Bond artwork and vintage posters. But the highlight of the eBay offerings at the moment is definitely our 1978 Star Wars Darth Vader prototype action figure. We got the figure from an ex-Sears executive who took it home after a catalog photo shoot. There are only a few like it in the world.

Welcome to Joel Magee’s Antique Toy Road Show Blog

12 Jul

The market for vintage items and collectibles is expanding with no sign of slowing down, and toys are no exception, as buyers are nostalgic for the colorful, nearly indestructible playthings of yesteryear. Although many toys have been lost or destroyed, many remain in pristine condition, often tucked away in an attic, garage, or basement. J

I am the manager of the Antique Toy Buying Show, a traveling antique toy-buying road show held in cities across the country. Antique Toy Buying Show events are admission-free, and visitors are welcome to bring their old toys  for appraisal. Carts are available, and there is no limit on the number of toys that people can bring in.

As a major player in the world of antique toys and collectibles, I have a wealth of knowledge, years of experience, and access to more than 20,000 collectors around the globe.

– Joel Magee